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11. Juli 2014 / AugenZeugeKunst

10 places for interior design lovers to visit this summer

Even though summertime is considered to be the dead season for art and interior design lovers, the world still has much to offer to those who don’t like to take a vacation from their passion. Let’s have a quick look at some of the not-so-popular but valuable places and exhibitions to visit during upcoming summer.

1. Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome


The Eternal City has so much to offer, that Ara Pacis probably won’t be your first choice. But it should be. This small (compared to other Romans monuments) marble altar is not only the manifestation of cesar’s August power but a piece of greatly preserved ancient art. Personally, I find its beauty comparable to the Pantheon’s. The biggest advantage of it is that all the sculpting details are visually achievable.

2. Mondrian and his studio in Tate Liverpool.


We all know Tate Modern is has a master in creating…

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